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GLLS2007: Digital Downloads for Gamers

…with Beth Gallaway, who identifies different types of digital downloads:

  • Games that can be downloaded and installed locally
  • Digital game lists
  • Subscription services for users to download @ home or library
    • GameTap
      • Online arcade of 900+ video games for PC platform. No Mac support.
      • $6.95-$9.95 per month
      • 8 logins per location
      • No public performance allowed
    • Games On Demand
      • For Comcast subscribers
      • $15 per month
      • E, 10+, T, M
      • Kids version available @ $7.95/month; games are rated EC/E
    • PlayFirst
      • Mostly PC, but some for Mac
      • Demos available
      • $19.95
      • Ratings are not available
    • Direct2Drive
      • PC Platform
      • Too many titles to count
      • Rated E-M
      • Includes reviews, cheat codes
    • Shockwave Unlimited
      • Ad-free access to downloadable games
      • PC platform
      • $4.95-$9.95 per month
    • Overdrive
      • Games are accessible via library card
      • Productivity and arcade-style games
      • PC platform
      • 70 titles
      • Cost ???
    • StepMania
      • DDR for your fingers!
      • Dance pad w/USB connection can be plugged in to computer
      • Open source
      • PC and Mac versions available
    • Snood
      • Puzzle game
      • For all ages
  • Games for kids
    • Apple Corps
      • Mr. Potatohead online, but with other fruits and vegetables that are not copyright protected
      • Runs on any computer
      • Advertisements are questionable
      • Free and fun
    • Funbrain
      • Supports math, science, and reading curriculum
    • Girls Go Tech
      • Girl Scout site with games related to badge completion
    • Neopets
      • Virtual electronic pets
      • Very commercial
    • WebKinz
      • Users purchase plush pets that come with a unique secret code
      • Users care for their pets online
  • Games for adults and teens
    • Darfur is Dying
    • Runescape
    • Kingdom of Loathing
    • iFiction
      • Interactive fiction
      • Archive of 250+ text adventure games
      • Lots of reading
    • Set Game
      • Pattern recognition game
      • Enhances math and pattern recognition skill
      • Great mental calisthenic!
    • Education Arcade
      • “Learning through authentic and engaging play”
    • Games for Change
      • Uses games to explore management and leadership challenges in the public sector
      • Games in educaiton
      • Training
    • Gaia Online
      • 3D digital community
      • Anime style
      • No download or install required
    • Second Life
      • 3D virtual world community
      • Requires download, install, and strong Internet connection

Beth also recommends Prima Strategy Guides, a print-on-demand service for instant access to strategy guides.


24 July 2007 Posted by | gaming in libraries, glls2007, software | 1 Comment

I love freeware!

I’m home with the stomach flu today. Inbetween ginger ales, naps, and visits to the porcelain parlor, I checked out today’s feed from the folks at FreeMacWare.com. I love freeware… especially Mac freeware. Don’t screw up that nose or roll those eyes at the “Mac” reference… today’s gem is available for Windows, too.

If you haven’t already checked out Scratch, it’s worth a look. Scratch makes it easy to create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art and share creations on the Web. It was designed to help users ages ages 8+ develop 21st century learning skills. A Support page includes online video tutorials, help screens, and FAQs; a downloadable reference guide, getting started doc, and “scratch cards” for learning new code.

Scratch is available gratis from the “Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.” You’ll need to register to get to the download link. No biggie. I got by with only an email address.

So? What do you want to Scratch today?

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