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GLLS2007: Digital Downloads for Gamers

…with Beth Gallaway, who identifies different types of digital downloads:

  • Games that can be downloaded and installed locally
  • Digital game lists
  • Subscription services for users to download @ home or library
    • GameTap
      • Online arcade of 900+ video games for PC platform. No Mac support.
      • $6.95-$9.95 per month
      • 8 logins per location
      • No public performance allowed
    • Games On Demand
      • For Comcast subscribers
      • $15 per month
      • E, 10+, T, M
      • Kids version available @ $7.95/month; games are rated EC/E
    • PlayFirst
      • Mostly PC, but some for Mac
      • Demos available
      • $19.95
      • Ratings are not available
    • Direct2Drive
      • PC Platform
      • Too many titles to count
      • Rated E-M
      • Includes reviews, cheat codes
    • Shockwave Unlimited
      • Ad-free access to downloadable games
      • PC platform
      • $4.95-$9.95 per month
    • Overdrive
      • Games are accessible via library card
      • Productivity and arcade-style games
      • PC platform
      • 70 titles
      • Cost ???
    • StepMania
      • DDR for your fingers!
      • Dance pad w/USB connection can be plugged in to computer
      • Open source
      • PC and Mac versions available
    • Snood
      • Puzzle game
      • For all ages
  • Games for kids
    • Apple Corps
      • Mr. Potatohead online, but with other fruits and vegetables that are not copyright protected
      • Runs on any computer
      • Advertisements are questionable
      • Free and fun
    • Funbrain
      • Supports math, science, and reading curriculum
    • Girls Go Tech
      • Girl Scout site with games related to badge completion
    • Neopets
      • Virtual electronic pets
      • Very commercial
    • WebKinz
      • Users purchase plush pets that come with a unique secret code
      • Users care for their pets online
  • Games for adults and teens
    • Darfur is Dying
    • Runescape
    • Kingdom of Loathing
    • iFiction
      • Interactive fiction
      • Archive of 250+ text adventure games
      • Lots of reading
    • Set Game
      • Pattern recognition game
      • Enhances math and pattern recognition skill
      • Great mental calisthenic!
    • Education Arcade
      • “Learning through authentic and engaging play”
    • Games for Change
      • Uses games to explore management and leadership challenges in the public sector
      • Games in educaiton
      • Training
    • Gaia Online
      • 3D digital community
      • Anime style
      • No download or install required
    • Second Life
      • 3D virtual world community
      • Requires download, install, and strong Internet connection

Beth also recommends Prima Strategy Guides, a print-on-demand service for instant access to strategy guides.


24 July 2007 - Posted by | gaming in libraries, glls2007, software

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  1. I m really game freak.One of my friend told me about the site which got lots of arcade games .It brought back beyond memories.I really enjoyed specially playing action arcade games , so i thought to share it .I know gamelovers will love it .


    Comment by div | 31 July 2007 | Reply

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