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Illinois “day of unity”

In a press release issued on May 8, the Illinois Library Association‘s Public Policy Committee announced a “Day of Unity” on Monday, May 14. The ILA is encouraging libraries throughout the state to demonstrate opposition to House Bill 1727, the mandatory public and school library Internet filter legislation, by taking some constructive and creative action:

  • Speak up to our legislators. Call, write, fax, do it all.
  • Turn of the Internet and explain to patrons what will happen if HB1727 becomes law.
  • Install a demonstration filter and show patrons how it blocks access to legitimate information.
  • Crank up existing filters to their highest settings so patrons can experience the effects of full-blown filtering.

If you live in Illinois, contact your state legislators and tell them that HB1727 should not be passed. Even if you don’t live in Illinois, please support our intellectual freedom and share your thoughts with our state officials!


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