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my next career: straw whistler 2.0

Thank you to David Lee King and his blog readers for jump-starting my next career as a straw whistler. I feel like an emerging rock star!


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home again

...a snoring dogAhhh… to soak in my tub, sleep in my bed, wake to the sound of a snoring dog. It’s good to be home.

My afternoon postconference session was cancelled, so I headed to the airport after David & David’s morning session, Podcasting and Videocasting Bootcamp. The plan: fly standby on the 1:40pm flight back to Chicago instead of hanging around DC until my scheduled 6:40pm flight. That failed… miserably. All flights were full. I spent my entire afternoon wandering between gates 29 and 31 and the outlet in-between where I could plug in my laptop. The Edy’s ice cream stand, Potbelly, a sweet little jewelry kiosk, a bathroom, and a book in my bag made the afternoon more bearable.

(Did you know that your place in United’s standby line is determined by your loyalty to the airline? Yep, the more frequent flyer miles you have, the better your chances of getting on a flight.)

If you weren’t at the David & David show, then you missed out on the basics of podcasting, videocasting, and straw tricks. David wasn’t kidding that night at the bar when he promised to get Starbucks straws if I would demonstrate my straw tricks at the session. He was as serious as a pony with a monocle.

I hope to spend today preparing a conference report for our library director. I also hope that she will support me and Jenn with the time, space, and resources to begin working on all of the great L2 stuff we learned at CiL2007. Think bright thoughts toward Chicago, please!

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