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why TUL?

The Utopian Library has existed in my mind for several years as a place where library enthusiasts can gather to work, play, learn, and share what they know about what they do best. I’ve always envisioned that my next job would be at The Utopian Library. Since no such place exists in brick and mortar, I created its virtual space while sitting in the lobby of the Crystal City Hyatt between sessions at Computers in Libraries 2007. I’ve been so inspired this week by the work and wisdom of CiL2007 presenters and dinner companions, bar buddies, Twitterers, and Flickrphiles who have made this week so enjoyable.

I left home feeling unsure about how to best implement L2.0 at my library. I will return with renewed enthusiasm for the projects that lie ahead and a brain that is bursting with new information, knowledge, and ideas.

There are many people whose participation at CiL2007 has infused me with inspiration and aspiration. Their blogsites are listed under BLOGROLL. Go see what they’re writing about… they do good work and have so much to share!


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I’ve always wanted to work in a utopian library. So, while sitting in the lobby at CiL2007 pondering this 5-day immersion in work I enjoy, the people I’ve met, their online community, and the amazing work they do to keep the information flowing, I said to myself, “Snag the name on WordPress now!” So I did and here we are. Welcome to The Utopian Library.

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