T h e U t o p i a n L i b r a r y

w o r k ▪ p l a y ▪ l e a r n ▪ s h a r e

“…too tough to be the pretty pink princess”

He’s baaack! Eli takes to the podium at the end of GLLS2007 Day 2 to present Tournament Games for Any Occasion: Choosing the Right Games for Your Audience. He talks very fast. I’ll try to keep up.

Tournament Considerations

  • Audience
  • Appeal
  • Recognition/buzz
    • Kids need to be willing to talk about the games with friends. WoM is the best promotion. No flyers required.
  • Logistics/matches
  • Flexibility/options
    • Relatively controllable matches and options OR
    • Uncontrollable options (the machine sets itself and picks players automatically)
  • Victory conditions
  • Appropriateness./rating
  • Accessibility
    • Should be appealing to both hardcore and casual players
    • Everyone gets applause no matter how bad they are
    • Players should feel comfortable sucking at the game
  • Hipness
    • Especially important with teen crowd
    • Goes along with angstiness
  • Angstiness
    • The darker the game, the better the game (re: visibility of graphics, not content)
  • Rabidity of fanbase
    • How passionate are the players about the game?
    • How willing are the players to divert from rules set by the hardcore players
  • Depth/mastery
  • Repeatability
    • How many times can we repeat the tournament before it gets old?

Genre Landscape (see www.gamingranking.com for game categories)

  • Action/adventure >> primarily for single play, good for kids, many rated E
  • RPG (role-playing games) >> not suited for tournaments, best for teens, most rated T
  • FPS (first-person shooter) >> great for tournaments, best for teens and adults, most rated T and M
  • Racing >> best for tournaments, very short matches, almost no content concerns; good for teens and adults; most rated E and T; avoid anything that isn’t a Mario Kart game, in-browser racing games
  • Fighting >> best tournamentability and open-playability, short matches; good for teens and adults; most rated T, some E and M
  • Sports >> matches take too long for tournament play, better for open play; good for teens; most rated T and E
  • Simulations >> don’t work well for tournaments; great for teens and adults; most rated T
  • Strategy >> great for tournaments; based on violence and war; not accessible to casual players; best for adults and teens
  • Oddball >> best for tournaments; best for teens; most rated E and T
  • Rhythm & Music >> best for tournaments, open play, teens; avoid DDR clones
  • Retro games >> best for tournaments and open play; good for adults; most rated E and T
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Historic
  • Horror
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Casual/arcade
  • First-person
  • Third-person
  • Ultraviolent
  • Cleavageladen

ESRB Ratings: eC, E. E10+, T, M, AO, RP

Overgeneralizations About Game Audiences

  • Kids: socialization, possession, knowledge
  • Teens: superiourity, display, skill, coolness
  • Twenty-somethings: Mastery, depth, accessibility, impenetrability
  • Adults: seriousness, nostalgia, realism, accessibility
  • Parents: redeeming value, accessibility, comprehensibility
  • Seniors: ease of use, simplicity, skill over reflexes, realism

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