T h e U t o p i a n L i b r a r y

w o r k ▪ p l a y ▪ l e a r n ▪ s h a r e

Library as Laboratory

The presentrio of Matt Gullett (PLCMC), Kelly Czarnecki (ImaginOn/PLCMC), and Craig Davis (Youth Digital Arts Cyberschool) talked really fast about Supporting Culture with Creative and Participative Digital Learning.

PLCMC Game Lab:

  • Collaboration with customers and community; schools, colleges, and universities; organizations, corporations
  • Partner with other organizations for support


  • Animation Station
  • Podcast booth
  • Video gaming club

Youth Digital Arts Cyberschool

  • If kids could create their own video games, what would they create?
  • If libraries could easily offer a game development program, would they?
  • What if a techno-phobic librarian could facilitate a program?
  • Philosophy: Every student from 3rd grade through high school can create professional level digital art immediately!
  • Mission: to research and develop innovative online courses at the intersection of pedagogy, art, and technology
  • Participatory culture and no age hierarchy
    • Entrepeneurism and no age hierarchy
    • Kids work as student interns. They are assigned two courses each and answer student questions.
  • Provication for self learning
    • Students”jump off” to new areas from what they were taught in the cyberschool
  • Video games are a digital art form that contains many others
    • Image
    • Music
    • Animations
  • The Cyberschool also teaches…
    • Digital painting
    • Digital music
    • Digitaal animation
    • Other courses in development
      • Comics/manga, rotoscoping
      • Partnership wiht NASA’s JPL Imagine Mars Program

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