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Games Without Borders

As I wait for the closing keynote to begin, I have a Peter Gabriel lyric stuck in my head: “…games without frontiers, war without tears…

After many thanks to Jenny Levine and everyone who put together this first Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium, Liz Lawley spoke about Games Without Borders: Gaming Beyond Consoles and Screens. The projection from her not-a-Mac-laptop computer is flickering so I’m going to try not to look at the screen too much. I’ll just keep my eyes fixed on the sleek, silver beauty on my lap.

Liz’s life in blogs:

What is a game?

  • A form of play with goals and structure
  • A form of art in which participants make decisions in order to manage resources through game tokens in the pursuit of a goal

Activities that we usually don’t think of as games:

  • Summer reading clubs
  • Super Sleuth research activities
  • Learning 2.0
    • has goals, objectives, steps, prizes

What is the immersive experience we are creating in public libraries? — Stephen Abram

Examples of immersive game play…

Liz recommends Book Burro Firefox extension for finding books at local libraries and bookstores. Uses ISBN to find items by ZIP code. (I tried it… very cool!)

Help others understand gaming in ways that help make it real. Use pictures, stories, etc.


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