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my apple store goes 2.0

Apple Store Old OrchardMy local Apple store closed for a week of remodeling at the end of July and reopened without a checkout desk! I asked a Genius if the missing register was a sign that Apple was going gratis. But no, it’s only going 2.0. “Anyone in a green t-shirt” could check me out. When I found a green t-shirt that wasn’t busy with a customer, she used a handheld device to scan my purchase, swipe my credit card, and send a receipt to my email. How 2.0 is that?! Out from behind the desk, mingling with the public, and not waiting for the work to come to her. The only hang-up was the bag. I was headed to lunch and, since I have a habit of dropping my food, I didn’t want to risk spilling anything on my sweet new canvas vertical sling before it ever held my MacBook Pro. It took the green t-shirt longer to run for one of those cool backpack-style Apple bags than it did for her to run my purchase.

I love my Apple store. I really like my new sling. And I’ve enjoyed telling people about my 2.0 experience with both. Now if we could just get that same thing going in more of our libraries….


12 August 2007 Posted by | random, trends | 2 Comments