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I read a worthwhile article yesterday about a few habits that could make it easier for library staff to work together more effectively. It was a timely article, as earlier this week I chatted with one of our library technology committees about L2.0 training for staff, how our natural human responses to change might effect the process, and what we can do to ease transitions.

I’m not a librarian and I’ve never played one on TV. I’m a technology coordinator. I work with librarians. I also work with other people who are not librarians. It takes all of us to bring our libraries to life and to bring life into our libraries. So I always read these “librarian” articles from a universal “we” perspective. And that’s how I read Todd Gilman’s “Four Habits of Highly Effective Librarians.” Change happens through all of us; it does not rest solely on the shoulders of the staff we call “librarians.” We can all ease our way through change with if we practice the habits that Gilman recommends:

  • Openness. Listen to each other, even if new ideas seem challenging at first.
  • Responsiveness. Act on what we’ve heard. Experiment with new ideas.
  • Collaboration. Let’s work together! We can use 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis, and social networking to connect and share our work and resources.
  • Communication. Keep it open, ongoing, and timely. We all appreciate being kept in the loop.

Now that I have David Bowie’s “Changes” going through my head, let’s flash back to 2003 and enjoy a video.


27 May 2007 - Posted by | change, libraries, library 2.0, progress

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