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computers in cruise ships

Computers in cruise shipsJust when I thought I’d be completely (and pleasantly) disconnected for a full week, I board the Caribbean Princess and find a wireless computer cafe and library! I checked out the computer setup… impressive! Twenty or so private stations, card readers, headphones, laser printers, and human assistance. The satellite signal has been slow at sea, so keeping in touch can get expensive at 25 cents per minute. Unless, of course, you’ve sailed with Princess on five or more cruises… then you get a better deal. The wireless access extends out to the nearby lobbies, so I saw plenty of people sprawled in the atrium with their laptops. No twittering, though… at least not that I could see.

Me and My MonkeyheadI had every intention of checking out the library (at least to snap a photo) but my radar for the sun, the spa, and power shopping overtook my practical side. I didn’t get close enough for a really good look, but I could see from the bar that the library had books and chairs and decent lighting. I think the chairs were leather, though, which could be an uncomfortable match for a damp bathing suit.

I did have “library” on the brain, specifically the bindery. The sun was so hot on the ship’s deck that the glue binding of my book started melting!

See more pics here.


8 May 2007 - Posted by | random

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