T h e U t o p i a n L i b r a r y

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My brain is so jammed with stuff that I’m having a hard time getting it all out and onto the keyboard. I’ve been working on my CiL conference report and I’m ‘whelmed by all there is to summarize, highlight, propose, and… well… get excited about! Jenn and I have caught up where and when we can to share the contents of our heads, chat about all we want to do, plan lunch at Pita Inn, figure out the best way to get our director on board the L2 dreamboat, and revel in our enthusiasm for all things 2.0.

We’ve been asked to talk about our CiL adventure at tomorrow’s strategic planning meeting. Actually, we were asked by email and then confirmed in a memo before either of has had a chance to reply to the email! I haven’t even been able to write the first paragraph of my summary… how the heck am I going to talk to that group? My junior high school principal is on that committee (he’s the president of our Board of Trustees). Talk about performance anxiety!

I suppose I should get started. But first I’ll check the email, gmail, workmail, voicemail, calendar, weather, horoscope, daily dharma, feeds, facebook, ichat, twitter, and make sure my ipod is charged for the day. Y’all have a good one!


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